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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Why IE Sucks

Or, more accurately, why Firefox is much better. In no particular order, here are some reasons that convinced me to make the switch:

  • Tabbed browsing -- much less desktop clutter. In conjunction with some of the nifty bookmark features, those of us who like to visit a lot of sites and aggregate content from them, it's a blessing.
  • Extensions -- there are a wide range of extensions available to enhance your experience, and if you can't find what you want you can join the growing ranks of developers and add your own.
  • Download manager -- rather than IE's irritating "one dialog box per download" system, Firefox has a decent download manager.
  • More secure -- as ActiveX controls aren't supported, Firefox is immune to a whole host of nasty exploits. Sadly some sites you may visit (Windows Update, File Planet, etc.) require IE as they rely on ActiveX controls, but thanks to the "Open this page in IE" context menu extension, it's not a major bother. Hopefully one day the offending sites will see sense. In addition, as it's not so closely tied to the OS core any vulnerabilities in Firefox are much less likely to cause compromise of your system.
  • Standards compliant -- Firefox is more compliant with the standard standards than IE. Some of the MSFT "standards" cause problems, but most sites render as Bob intended.
  • Popup/adblocker -- say no more.
  • Super-smart address bar -- like IE, Firefox pops down a list of matching URLs as you type in to the address bar, but does it one (or in fact three) better. The page title is displayed in the list along with the URLs, you can assign mnemonics to your bookmarks and access them from the address bar, and the mnemonics can take parameters. Got a site you search a lot? Create a suitable mnemonic and you can search from the address bar with ease...
  • Find-as-you-type -- looking for something on a web page? Rather than opening a dialog box first, just start typing what you're looking for, and Firefox'll find it for you.
There are many more reasons -- I could go on for hours -- but it's better you see for yourself. Go on, get Firefox!


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