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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Compulsory Registration? Don't Even THINK About It!

If you wander down to your local grocery store you don't need to give out personal details to browse around. If you go to the library to read a newspaper no-one asks you for your name and address. So why do so many websites these days feature compulsory registration if you want to look at them? I used to avoid them until I was shown the wonders of BugMeNot.

For those of you unfamiliar with BugMeNot, it's a repository of fake logins for various websites that feature compulsory registration, and it's been up and down like a yoyo over the past week or two. The suspicion is that the first outage was due to pressure applied to their original host by the sites whose tedious registration policies were being nullified. BugMeNot is a brilliant idea, and even better if you use the extension for Firefox. (What do you mean, you don't have Firefox? That'll have to be the topic of a future post, I suppose.)


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